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“A sincere seeker knows what his goal is: the highest Truth. He will not delay his journey.
In spiritual life, we aspire for the highest Truth, for Awakening, nothing else!”

Who are we?

School of Samaya is an online Academy of Spiritual Sciences with a three tier approach to guiding humanity towards oneness and unity. We are a not for profit cause following the teachings of Spiritual Adept and Author TLB Kruger.

Mental health and wellbeing


emotional wellbeing


awakening of the soul


What we teach?

The Perennial Truth, by TLB Kruger, is the truth that does not change. It gives you something to hold onto while you explore the ever-changing currents of life. Like the Soul, The Perennial Truth comes from a realm that is beyond creation. It allows one to view life from a higher context, like the completed picture on the box of the puzzle of life. 

TLB Kruger and The Perennial Truth - Awakening of the Soul

“My journey, shared with you in the Perennial Truth, envelopes all my learnings and experiences gained over the last 3 decades, which I hope will enable you on your own spiritual journey. I am a spiritual adept first and foremost and an author second. My works are of no particular religious or spiritual denomination. I feel compelled to share with you what is being given to me.” Read More about TLB Kruger


Our Channels

Our social media platforms allows you free access to talks, discourses, meditations, daily inspirations and more. 

What we offer!

By signing up to our online members only platform, you gain full access to all content and more available to our members. Choose from a monthly membership fee or take advantage of our discounted annual rate. 

The Benefits of becoming a member at  School of Samaya:
› Find all resources on one platform
› Full Access to all content
› Pay it Forward gift voucher if you already purchased the Maha Khala App
› Personal guidance on your journey
› Ancient tools to help you with modern day challenges
› Personal support with mental health
› Members only community forum where you can share with like minded


Maha Khala - Meditation through the Senses

Maha Khala

Our comprehensive Maha Khala Meditation App takes you on a journey of Self Mastery. If you have the App already, you will be entitled to a membership discount.

School of Samaya Mantra Meditation

Mantra Initiation

The power of a mantra is by the initiation of a Kriyaban who has been initiated by the masters. You have a choice of the 24 Sacred Mantras to choose from at not extra cost.

Pranayama and Breathwork Techniques by School of Samaya


Breathwork has many benefits for the physical, mental and emotional levels of being. You have unlimited access to various breath work and pranayama techniques for all levels of being.

Sound Meditation at School of Samaya

Sound Meditation

Access a wide range of sound meditations and guided meditations to connect you to the present moment. Sound can help you clear energetic blockages and thus facilitate healing.

Master's Suite

Mental Health and Meditation programs for you

For You

Our foundation of knowledge seats itself in The Perennial Truth. Embark on an intimate journey of self understanding and self discovery. Over 50 courses with supporting videos and podcasts and guided programs. Become master of your life.

Mental health and meditation programs for kids and tweens

For Kids & Tweens

Our Let's Play Yoga and Mindfulness programs is sure to engage your child on their own journey of self acceptance and self love. The extensive range of guided meditations and online courses will keep them engaged while they learn more about themselves.

Mental health and meditation programs for teens and young adults

For Teens & Young Adults

In this digital age of mental chaos, we offer your teen and young adult a safe space to question who they are and explore the answers through guided programs of self discovery and self worth. Unlimited access, customised programs and online coaching.

Dynamic Suite

Maha Khala Meditation for the Home

For the Home

In these unprecedented times we have included a wide range of meditation programs and resources for you to apply in your home environment.

Maha Khala Meditation for the Classroom

In the Classroom

Our meditation and mindfulness programs will equip you to understand yourself and empower your students for mental wellness.

Maha Khala Meditation for the Workplace

At the Workplace

When you apply Maha Khala in your workplace you not only reduce your stress and anxiety levels but you also find the joy in what you do again.

Maha Khala Meditation for the Sports Arena

On the Sportsfield

Learn the secrets of applying Maha Khala in your practice of sport and improve your skill by connecting to the flow of your game.

We offer you everything you need for your journey of awakening, in a growing community of like minded, sincere seekers on our exclusive membership platform. 

Paying it Forward!

Our Cause


Our primary program is in the care of two tigers saved from the animal export trade in south africa. Your donations contribute towards food and enrichment activities for these sentient beings. We thank you in advance.


Our second cause is in making the Maha Khala Meditation App available to rehabilitation clinics, schools, universities, foster care homes and children’s care centres. Your donation makes a difference, thank you. 


Some of our most treasured wisdom comes from the elderly and to contribute towards the transition of their next adventure, your donation allows us to offer our Maha Khala meditation app to care homes.


Understanding our karmic influences carried from previous lifetimes can help set us free from this bondage. With your donation, we offer our maha khala meditation app to various care centres for the abused.